What Is Truth?

About two thousand years ago, a Roman governor named Pontius Pilate asked Jesus that question  just before handing Jesus over to be murdered.  Before that day and ever since, the question “what is truth?” has been asked continually.  Today, many people have given up on the idea that anything like absolute truth can be found.  Instead, they claim that there are simply “truths.”  What is true for you is true for you, but not necessarily for me.

In contrast to this notion, the Bible claims to be absolute truth.  This means that it is true at all times, for all people, in all circumstances.  Now, we all certainly have our own experiences, our story, if you will.  But, that is different from our own truth.  The Bible gives the Grand Story, and its truth explains how all the disparatete pieces of our story fit together, and how our stories fit into Bible’s Grand Story.

Obviously, I believe that the Bible is truth.  That is the essence of the verse this blog is named after, that in the end, when taken as a whole, the Bible teaches us the truth about the way things really are.  The Bible tells us the truth on “big ticket” items, things like God, humanity, death, and the point of this whole thing called life.   Let’s just get a sample of some of this truth.

The Bible tells us the truth about God.  The Bible tells us that God in fact exists.  That He exists as one God in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  Christians have come to call this the Trinity.  The Bible tells us that God is holy, just, kind, loving, slow to anger, zealous, gracious, merciful, a righteous judge, all-knowing, all-powerful, and all-present among other things.  The Bible also tells us that God is the creator and ruler of all that there is.  So, nothing is here by accident, including you, me, even mosquitoes.  Everything was created to give glory to God the creator.

The Bible also tells the truth about us.  It tells that we are created by God, in His image to worship and obey Him.  But, we didn’t do that.  Our first parents, Adam and Eve chose sin over God and so death entered the world as a consequence of that action.  Ever since all people have been sinners, enemies of God in rebellion against Him.  This is bad news, because it puts us under the judgment of a holy and just God.  The Bible tells the truth that all we deserve as humans is death and hell.

But, the Bible also tells us the greatest truth ever.  It tells us that despite our sin, God loves us, and sent His son Jesus to die the death we deserved, and then God raised Jesus to life.  The truth is that now, if we have faith in Jesus, we can live the way we were created to live: in worship and obedience to God.  That is the great truth of the Bible: the love and justice of God meeting for our sake on the cross of Jesus Christ.

I don’t know where you find yourself in relation to these truths.  But, I hope you’ll stick around as we explore the great truth of the Bible.  I hope that you’ll find in Jesus that He is the way the truth, and the life (John 14:6).  What is truth?  You are created in the image of God, you are loved by God, God wants you to live for your created purpose through Jesus.


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