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A couple of years ago I started this blog as a creative outlet for myself, but have not touched it in over three years. That is a pretty long time to not do something and then start it again. But, here I sit starting up the blog again, and so wanted to take a moment to explain why I stopped and why I am starting again now.

So why did I stop? I stopped blogging for two main reasons: attitude and time. The latter is the easier of the two to explain.  I was in a season of life that just didn’t feel conducive to keeping a regular blog (we’ll see if that has changed) and as such keeping up was simply not a priority. Added to that, I can be a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to writing, so I was taking A LOT of time per post. I am trying to be a little more relaxed this time around, not trying to say everything I can possibly say in each post. The second reason I stopped blogging was because I noticed my posts were becoming prideful, reactionary, and overly critical (some of those posts I deleted, some thankfully, I never posted). I had begun writing to an audience that didn’t really exist about topics that I had more theory than wisdom. God convicted, I repented, and decided to stop. Hopefully, by His grace, I will avoid that type of writing this time around.

Why start again now? Good question. For one, I’ve had some ideas kicking around in my head, and I need a place to get them down where others can interact with them and sharpen me. Second, I hope to use this blog as a tool and resource for the families I am serving in my local church. Third, I have this crazy idea that I’ll actually have more time to do it. Hopefully, I will be disciplined enough to keep this thing going.

So, thanks for stopping by, I pray God will use this blog to glorify Himself and encourage His saints. Look for a new post coming soon!


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