What I’m Reading

2013-09-19 11.22.55This fall I’ve decided to take on a pretty heavy reading load. This is probably the most ambitious reading I’ve done since seminary (I even made myself a syllabus!), but I am pretty excited about it. I hope I will not only learn and grow from the reading, but benefit from the discipline I’ll need to accomplish my plan.

I am doing two basic types of reading. Each month I’ll read one book (two in October) that is focuses on practical ministry/leadership issues. My hope is that these books will help me hone specific skills. I am reading them for the “how-to” aspect. At the same time, I’ll read one theological/devotional book. My goal from these books is less to learn a topic (though I will) and more to simply nourish my soul and stir my affections for God.

So with that, here is what I’m reading:


Tom Connellan, Inside the Magic Kingdom. This book looks at 7 keys to Disney’s success. While written from a strictly business/customer service point of view, it is helpful in thinking through creating a guest-friendly culture.

Ivy Beckwith, The Ultimate Survival Guide for Children’s Ministry Workers. You can probably guess what this is about. Me = New Kids Minister who wants to learn.

Dave Kraft, Leaders Who Last. Dave Kraft is a ministry vet, and I want to faithfully last. Anything I can do make myself a usable instrument of the Holy Spirit so I don’t become a statistic, I’ll do.

J. Oswald Sanders, Spiritual Leadership. A classic I’ve had on my shelf, but never read. That will now change.

Timothy Paul Jones, Family Field Ministry Guide. You guessed it, Kids Ministry specific reading.


Fred Sanders, The Deep Things of God. Sanders explores the implications of our faith being Trinitarian. I am about halfway through this, and while dense at times, this book takes you to dizzying heights as you explore the depths of the Triune God. Definitely feeds my soul.

Charles H. Spurgeon, All of Grace. Spurgeon is one of my heroes of the faith. I have read him, and he has a particular way of stirring my affections for God. Looking forward to this one from the Prince of Preachers.

Eric Mason, Manhood Restored. This is more of a hybrid practical/devotional book. Since it came out I have wanted to read it. Can’t wait to be challenged by this one.

C.S. Lewis, The Problem of Pain. Another classic that has been on my shelf (see a trend?).

So, that’s my reading for the fall. Hopefully in a few months I can revisit this post, having finished each book. So what are you reading? What books do you go to feed your soul or just for fun? I’d love to hear from you. Happy reading!



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5 responses to “What I’m Reading

  1. But seriously, I thought you didn’t have a book shelf anymore?

    This Fall, because of The Fall, I’m reading Community (again) by Brad House, Spurgeon’s Letter’s to My Students, Rhythms of Grace by Mike Cosper, Covenant and Creation by William Dumbrell, Church Planter (again) by Darin Patrick, Theology and Practice of Mission edited by Bruce Ashford, and Suspicion and Faith: The Religious Uses of Modern Atheism by Merold Westphal.

    • Matt


      I do still have several bookshelves (perks of an office) and I am trying to read through all those books I got while in Seminary that sit on those shelves. But most of my new purchases are ebooks.

      That is a great looking list you have there (for school mostly I am guessing?). I have Community by House, but haven’t read it yet. I just picked up Rythyms of Grace by Cosper, you’ll have to let me know what you think of it. Lectures to My Students is Spurgeon gold.

      I hope you enjoy the reading! (And yes, I’m reading the Bible too. As Spurgeon said “visit many books, but live in the Bible.”

  2. jesseweimer

    So far I’m loving Rhythms of Grace and Community is a great book. It’s pretty much our playbook for our community groups here.

    I’m actually not in seminary this semester, but the other are books that I’ve read once or just partially read that I’ve been wanting to read in full.

    Glad you’re still in the Bible.

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